Business Introduction

Takabayashi integrates its technology and network for processing aircraft parts

Based on the thoroughgoing quality control system, Takabayashi has established world-level supply system by desterilizing its 'processing technology' and 'special process network'.

World-level system of quality guarantee to pass strict standard

Takabayashi has obtained qualification of JISQ 9100, standard of quality management system for aerospace. We also have been certified Nadcap, the international special process certification system. We provide reliable products.

Integrated production system by utilizing network

By cooperating with neighboring companies we established integrated production system that enable one-stop operation for products from machinning, special process (shot peening, nondestructive testing, heat treatment, surface treatment,and painting) to assembling .

We have acquired certification of Nondestructive testing to prove our technology by high-level certification.

Liquid penetrant testing
Magnetic particle testing

We have acquired Nadcap certification of surface enhancement (shot peening) that is required at aerospace parts made with ultra-high tensile strength steel,etc.

Shot peening and Blast cleaning

Grinding of coatings (accredited to Nadcap)Accreditation granted for grinding of coatings such as the chromium plated.

Grinding machine