Production System

We provide ultra-precise process based on the fusion of machining performance of machine tool and our inherent technology. We keep severe temperature regulation and elimination of vibration in the plants to pursue more accurate process. To provide good quality with less cost, we have introduced work robots for process to save manpower and around-the-clock operation by FMS.

Process design
We work out the best process flow on the consideration of quality requirement, cost and due date.
Experienced personnel conduct cutting operation to deliver the required accuracy in accordance with design drawing

Main facility and equipment

5-axis machining centre [NMV5000DCG(FMS)]
CNC turning centre
[BJN-34S (With bar feeder)]
horizontal machining centre
[MA-50HB , 6 pallets(With U-Axis function)]
5-axis CNC turning centre [MULTUS-B200W(With multi-axis robot)]
CNC internal grinder [IGV-3N]

Main equipment(PDF:38KB)