Quality Assurance System

High level inspection system to verify top quality products

Between processes we examine and verify products from many facets to sequire the required quality.
The confirmed data from examination is stored in our database to create better products.

Surface Roughness / Contour Measuring Machines
Roundness / Cylindricity Measuring Machines
Coordinate Measuring Machine
Electromagnetic proportional hydraulic valve inspection machine

Quality policy

Customer's satisfaction is our first priority.
We are making our way to be the company being able to contribute to the society by developing better quality control management system and human resource cultivation as well as by developing and integrating our high-precision processing technology and management engineering of completed products.
The followings are the our policy:

  • Provide quality-first products to fulfill customer's needs
  • Develop united technical capabilities and contribute to customers and society
  • Conduct revisions continuously without satisfying with the status quo and level up the team and each employee's ability
  • '5 actual principle'
    Actuate actual thing at actual place with actual recognition to improve actual status quickly.
  • Ensure "5S", the original point of quality control activity

Nondestractive testing
(Nadcap certification)

We have acquired certification of Nondestructive testing to prove our technology by high-level certification.

Liquid penetrant testing
Magnetic particle testing