Products Line-up

For more than 50 years, Takabayashi has been working on high-precision processing of parts of hydraulic equipment.
Our technology is utilized for processing various kinds of products, including important parts of semiconductor device, machine tool and aircraft which requires ultra high accuracy.

Aircraft field

  • Landing gear parts
  • Actuator parts
Actuator parts
Material : 7075-T7352(AMS-A-22771)
Actuator parts
Material : 7075-T7351(AMS-QQ-A225/9)
 anodize type Ⅰ
 anodize type Ⅱ
 hard anodize
Actuator parts
Material : 15-5PH(AMS5659)
Material : 7075-T7351(AMS-QQ-225/9)